Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Will Guard My Words

I think this is the longest I've ever stayed home.  One week down.  One more to go.  I guess I shouldn't have mentioned a while back on my 
Facebook page that I'd like to 
hibernate until spring. 
 This is not what I meant.

I will guard my words from here on out.  

Let it go on record that I am now 
asking for $10,000- no strings attached.

It was a good Sunday though, and I'm feeling better with each day.   

 These two have been taking such good care of me.  Here they are with their morning hair - and faces. 

Gracie's eyes have gone from worried to annoyed... 
'oh no! not another picture!!'

   I snapped a picture on my journey 
out into the living room.  

Yea, I know.  
It doesn't get much more exciting than this.  

Then I had a fun visit with my little Rissa.  We played games on my phone...  Princess makeover, Baby makeover, and Sponge Bob memory.  

Then I let her take my Get Well Balloon home.  
It seems Pinkie 
(her best-est stuffed-bear friend) is ill.
 She needs it more than I do. 

Get Well Pinkie.