Monday, June 13, 2011

A Body Part

Who would've thought that a tree stump would 'sell' a house.  But this one did.  That was in 2006.  What do you think our intentions were.... for this stump?  

If you guessed 'have an ear carved out of it'  

Due to circumstances which I won't get into at this time, our plans of a business did not materialize back in 2006... and our tree stump only served as a safe haven for bunnies, bugs, and... woodpeckers?

Gary looked out the window last month and noticed a woodpecker pecking away.  
Then again another day... and another...

"He's carving our ear for us.." I said.  

Okay, so he wasn't carving our ear.  See the bench in the background?  We were walking past it last week and Gary said, "Too bad they won't let us put a sign on the bench to advertise our business..."  (It's right in front of our house).

The next day we got a letter in the mail offering a plaque to be put on one of the benches for a fee, of course... with our business name on.  "YES!  WE'LL TAKE THE BENCH AT 700 NATIONAL HIGHWAY.."  We sent them a check right away.

Pop pop takes Rissi out to show her what the woodpeckers did to our stump.

Hoping to find Mr. Woodpecker

"C'mon Pop pop.  Will you make bucka for breakfast now?"

And so...  our grand opening will be in July.

And the stump has been stamped 'off limits' to Mr. Woodpecker.  Soon there will be a body part (an ear) growing from our yard.