Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Selling the Grandkids and Trouble for Gracie

After Sunday's April Fools post, my granddaughter Rissi (who will be five soon) sent me this email:

Dear mom, i selled marissa and summer away, youll never see them again. Lindsey
April Fools!!!! love, marissa
To: Grammy

Dear Diary,

I chewed a hole in Mom's good sandal.   Some guy named Clark made those sandals and she really had a hard time finding a pair she liked. Waaaah Waaaah  Wah ...  (she goes on and on) I don't know what the big deal is. She's had them for years.  
   My sudden onset of mischief could be one of several things.  a) she's not giving me enough attention.  b) she was talking with Lindsey and Rissi on the porch and she didn't let me see them.  c)  I miss her when she's away, and the shoe smelled like her.  d) She's a nag - she deserved it  e) she needs to take me for a walk  e) I thought I'd give her something to complain about for a change.  Gracie.