Monday, May 12, 2014

A Memorable Day

Our weekend was spent in Allentown, Pennsylvania celebrating Gary's Mom's birthday and then just puttering around Bethlehem/Allentown/Quakertown seeing what we could get into.

We had dinner at a wonderful seafood place, Henry's Salt of the Sea.  

Then we went back to our hotel suite and enjoyed family time.
Gary's bro Randy, sister Sue, Mom, and Gary
I met the man of my dreams the next day at Country Junction.   We are seriously thinking of bringing him home and appointing him Mascot for All About Hearing.

It was love at first sight!
And then...  We did some chillin' with the Prez and gave him our two-cents worth.  He was having none of it, so we high tailed it out of there.

 Upon returning home I got to spend the evening with my favorite girls.  They brought me tulips, my favorite!

I talked to both of my sons.  My Mother's Day was complete!  I am grateful!!

Gracie, How do you like the gift we brought you?

Mom, I love the dragon!  But the pig ear you brought me...  ummm...  don't you know they are not good for dogs to eat? Are you trying to get rid of me?  I am having a terrible time trying to find a hiding place for that big ol' pig ear.  But the dragon, I like.  
Happy Mother's Day Mom.  
And now.  A gift for you...

******* A pig ear under my pillow????  Gracie!!!!!******