Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Changes Everything

It can change the way we think, feel and react.

It can calm us amidst an angry storm.

It has healing power.

It has been known to give us the sweetest of sleep when our minds cannot shut down.

It draws us near to God.

The power of prayer is miraculous to those who believe.

My office stress 'pillow'

Dear Diary,

It's a glorious day in my world!  I have shed the 'worst dog in the world' title and have become the second worst.  And now the really good news.  You're gonna like this...  wait for it...  can I have a drumroll pleeeeeease....  and the winner of the worst dog in the world award goes to ......
My **clears throat** niece who just happens to be Mom's new granddog (who gobbles up all my food in one swipe when she's here) not only pees and poops on the floor but she jumps onto the table and eats all of her peeps dinner!!!!!  ***I'm rollin'****  ****too funny****  ****way to go Ellie Pig Mae!****  That's what cha get for being the cute new dog in the family and stealing my thunder.  I say, put her in a cage!  BOL!  Oh I just can't stop laughing!!  Gracie.

"I'm Ellie and I'm sweet and innocent.  Just look at these eyes."