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Thursday, September 29, 2016


It's raining.  You don't really want to see a picture of the rain, do you?

I didn't think so.

It is good that it is raining though, because the earth needed it.  Autumn has arrived and I have actually semi-put away the flip flops.  They are there, sitting near the closet but not in the closet.  Just in case.

Gracie is enjoying the cooler temperatures and my grand dog Ellie is enjoying the kids being home from school today (Parent-Teacher conference day) because Summer has dressed her up like a princess.

My weekend begins now (I have a 4 day work week)...  and I am glad.


What's up with the picture of the spoiled one?  She's ruining your blog post, Mom!  Seriously!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Interesting Stuff!

I got an interesting call (at my office) yesterday.  My caller ID read Chamber of Commerce and so I thought.. ok...  more people wanting money. 

 Ha!  Nope.  

You never know what unique call might come in at All About Hearing.  As you know, Anvil our giant resin Ape was featured on OFF Route 68 magazine for this quarter...  and he actually made the front page!  Our yard had a lot of visitors these past few months and Anvil even collected some change in that big hand of his.  

Well, this call was about the FIREBALL RUN.  Check it out.  

According to the lady I spoke with on the phone, our big ear out front will be included in the scavenger hunt/trivial pursuit road rally competition type of television show that airs somewhere in New England.  To better understand, this is what I found on the website:

Friday, September 23 - Saturday, October 1, 2016  
New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts 
The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally is the story of a legendary 8 day, 2000 mile life-sized, trivia pursuit road rally competition and unlike Reality TV, this is real. Join zany driving teams as they race to locate America’s most obscure places & historic artifacts. And it’s all just for bragging rights and a plastic road sign. FIREBALL RUN is a mile-for-mile entertaining, thought provoking and emotional journey which inspires people to take the road less traveled. You may root for all, but only one can win. FIREBALL RUN is a 26 episode streaming series in the U.S., which is televised in foreign markets.

The lady asked me for our address for the team that has to find this landmark.  Ha!  Interesting.  Very interesting... 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Where We End Up

This was on the car in front of me the other day as I was stopped at a light.  I thought it was funny.

Fall is in the air.  

For some reason, autumn leaves covering the ground sadden me.  Don't get me wrong.  I think it is beautiful.  But.  It represents the death of spring and of summer.  And...  what comes after fall is not at all appealing to me.  Winter can be harsh and bitter and cold.  And for me, the last couple of winters have brought enormous losses.  

This old world spins out of control sometimes.  And we have no say as to where it tosses us or where we end up.  We just have to hold on tight and say a prayer.

 Gracie says:

You run the race, you eat the food, you play with the toys....

And then you rest...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Update

#1 Son is now at John's Hopkins Hospital.  He has an abscess (Crohn's related) and needs top notch treatment.  

After spending over a week at our local hospital, his doctor admitted him to John's Hopkins in Baltimore for further treatment.  Today was a CT scan and tomorrow will be a procedure where they will drain the abscess.  Surgery will follow... though they are not sure if it will be immediately after or weeks later.  He has been so very sick for so long, I'm glad for him to be getting the care he needs now. 

I think back to when he was five years old getting his tonsils removed and how he insisted on staying the night in the hospital with nobody with him...  (all by himself).  Now, so many years later, that same brave boy is a man...  but I can hear in his tone that he is lonely and sad to be so far away from family and friends....  all alone.   There is much power in prayer.  Please continue to pray and thank you!

Gracie, yesterday was your birthday.  How do you feel getting such special treatment??  toys, ice cream, special visits from family, and your trip to the tennis courts to run??  

Well, that old saying turned out to be true...
You're only as old as you feel...

Yesterday I turned twelve years old!!

But I felt like a pup!  Thanks y'all for the birthday wishes!!

It's me!  Yesterday!!  Really!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


I'm not one to focus on the past...  but doggone I was cute!

Dad liked me from the get-go.  Except when I forgot to get and I'd go on the carpet.  My bad.

Though I came into the Phillip home sometime in October, I was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my mom.  Which was fine.  I slept well under that tree.

Mom was reminded by dad every single day that I belonged to her and that she was responsible for cleaning up after my ornery self...  but when chill time came around and there was a good movie to watch or a game...  dad and I bonded and I was the perfect friend to keep him company.

Mom loved me, I could tell.  She forgave me for every single spill of pee or poop on that new white carpet.  And she kept repeating the words, "Merry Christmas to me".  There was something unsure about her tone...  but still...  treats would follow.  And as long as I was being rewarded for my bad behavior it would continue.  Oh how I used to play my mom.  BOL!

I loved the rules they set down for me.  Like, no sleeping on the human bed.  It was a challenge.  And if I must say so myself, way too easy a challenge.  These peeps were like putty in my paw.

But I enjoyed my alone time too.  My cage was filled with soft blankets and good smells.  

I did have purpose though.  When the peeps were sick it was my responsibility to care for them.

I was smart.  Very smart.. in that I knew how to get what I wanted.

Walks and making friends with kitten's was always my favorite thing.

I enjoyed my family.  It was a two way street though.  It wasn't just them giving to me.  I gave them so much too.  Because I love them.  I didn't have to bark a word.  They knew.

More challenging was when I was given the position of guard dog to the new babies.

It was a constant watch for me that no harm came to them.  Good news is, as they grew in size their hands were able to hold cookies and they repaid me over and over again for my past loyal care.

Ahhhh... my life.  Looking back I see how lucky I was.

And even now I feel the love as I grow older and they go out of their way to make things easy and enjoyable for me.  Dad even built me a ramp to get up onto the bed that I'm not allowed on... BOL!!!

My mom has a very sick sense of humor.  Is this what she really wants for me?  MOM!!!!

I know, I know.  You're wondering at this point... why am I reminiscing about my last 12 years of life this way?  

Well, you might as well know. ....  TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!  

And oh... just want to share one last thing.  I LOVE MY BLOGGING BUDDIES and want to thank you for years and years of love right back at me!  

I must go now.  There are special things planned for me today and I don't want to miss out!