Sunday, October 25, 2015

Clean Up The Mess

We were honored to have Gary's youngest daughter Athena and her boyfriend Jake here for a visit last week.  The days passed way too quickly, but it was fun.

I always love when Gary's family visits.  I can't imagine living far from my kids but especially my grandkids.  Gary had a list of fun things to do the short time they were here.

It was sad to see them go, but on to business as usual. 

 We are falling into Autumn and that means cleaning gutters, trimming the hydrangea's and collecting fallen leaves for disposal.  Gary worked hard on those tasks....

while I made a huge pot of vegetable soup...

Today I dropped a big jar onto the ceramic tile/kitchen floor and soup along with slivers of glass went everywhere!  It took me a good half hour to clean up the mess.   

Gracie:  The Puppy Years:

"Hey, can ya give us some privacy here?
Scooby and I are having a moment.

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