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The Magic is Not Magic At All (It's Work!)

Christmas Magic does not just suddenly appear.  
You have to make it happen....  

 Bury your sad.  Let go of silly irritations like lost lights and more stuff than space.  Sift through last years abundance of collectibles and if it makes you feel better, say it one more time  This will be the last year I go through all this!  

And then...  think about the positive. 
 Jasper on Christmas day mesmerized by the train going round and round the track.  The girls playing make-believe with the houses and village families.  Jake seeing how many cars and trees he can place atop the train before it crashes.  
Ahhhh yes.  Christmas magic.  
It isn't there.... unless you make it happen.  In your home and in your heart.
Right Gracie?
Rightoooooo Mom!  I used to be appalled, disgusted and livid over the transformation that happens in my space this time of year.  But I have found the magic that lies beneath the village.  The me space... a place to hide beneath the clutter.  Another thing: The co…