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Grandparent's Day

Last night when I talked to Rissi on the phone  she reminded me:
"Don't forget, Grammy!  Tomorrow is grandparents day.  If you can't find my room just ask someone to tell you where Mrs. Jones classroom is." 
We were 1 minute late.  Rissi looked sad, sitting there all alone with the other kids surrounded by their grandparents.  
She was sohappy to see us!

We watched the children play bingo...

Rissi was so excited that her hands were shaking...

Her and another little boy made funny faces at each other, and laughed. 
I heard the boy telling his grandma that him and Marissa always make funny faces at each other.  
"She's really cute!" His grandma said.  
But... Rissi informed me  "no, that is not my boyfriend", then she showed me the boy that "she's in love with".  LOL

Pop-pop showed her where we live...

And Rissi showed us around the classroom.  Then it was time to leave.  Rissi looked sad as we waved goodbye.

And we received a tre…