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Depression Times Were Tough

Orville and Lucy were both in their nineties when I came to sit with them about 11 years ago.  I took the 3 till 11 shift, since that was the one available.  They were the grandparents of my pastor and they were in poor health.  

Lucy was bedfast and was kept in the living room on a hospital bed, with a portable potty close by.  Orville pattered through the house dragging his oxygen tubing behind him and watching me closely, making sure I didn't mess anything up.  They were from the depression era, and that meant they wasted nothing!!   I was ordered to cut the mold off the cheese, save all grease and lard, re-wash any disposable bed pads, don't let the cabinet doors slam shut, don't use too much water, turn lights out, and so on.  Orville even snuck out to the kitchen one night and filled the dishwashing liquid bottle with 3/4 water so I wouldn't waste the dishwashing liquid.  One day the old guy had me in tears with his ridiculous demands and I informed him he should f…