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Divorce is Hard On Children

My weeks vacation time is almost over.  So what have I been doing with my time off, you say?
Well...  it started off with my bad back.  I was in agony for the first couple of days so that doesn't even count.

My main purpose for this week off was to work on my memoir and get it close to being finished.  Every day I lounged around with no makeup on  and and still in my pj's at noon, it was heavenly.

For those of you who don't know, my hubby Gary has been a victim of parental alienation and was drug through the most horrible four years worth of hell imaginable....  And I have been working on a book for almost that long.

Divorce is hard on children, but when one goes through what his daughter Athena went through - this is child abuse.    My  book is about divorce and it's sting on our children.  It's about mistakes made and lessons learned.  The Title: Gracie's Diary, A Memoir.  It is 76,000 + words.

My book will be published.  It may not be a best seller,  but …