Sunday, June 12, 2016


Springs transition into summer is proving to be a bit...  shall we say... heated! 

And with summer just around the corner...  (Well, Summer is actually present all year round in our neck of the woods *wink*wink*)

Anyhoooo...  we are preparing

First, some good business happening at my office.  It's been a great year so far... thanks to many God-given, satisfied customers who I love.  Below, a glimpse at some of my newspaper advertising.

 I thought I might splurge.  And so UPS brought me these two big boxes last week which I had to sign for.  Can you guess what's inside?

Ahhhh... spring summer  whatever this season is that I am living in right now....  It is a time of preparing to kick back, grab a good book, and have a picnic lunch on the new deck.  But first.  Shopping for patio furniture for that deck.  Found a good buy at Sears for only $380 something...  I love the swivel chairs, they are so comfortable.  Glad I found this on sale.   Now to find an umbrella.

Spring summer ....  Spummer.  Yea.  That's what I'll call this season.  Spummer.   It's giving me fresh flowers daily.

A nice view looking out my bedroom window. 

The very best in entertainment....

And new things to explore.
  I think I like this new season of Spummer.

Fall Camp stuff

It's that time of year where we put away the sun block and break open the stash of pumpkin spice candles.   Fall is extra special...