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Dear Diary,
Mom and Dad are complaining.  A lot.  It seems neither one of them are getting the sleep they need.  So how's that my problem?
They say I'm dead weight in the middle of the bed and that I won't move for nothing.  

Mom tried to entice me to sleep in something called 'Gracie's bed' last night.  She even took hermy favorite soft, warm electric blankie and arranged it ever-so-inviting on 'Gracie's bed' trying to lure me to stay there and sleep. 

 Mom crouched down on the floor beside me and rubbed my ears and belly till I was almost...  fast... asleep...zzz.  

But then she was gone.Ha!  I was having no parts of it and as soon as Mom got back up into our bed I pulled myself from my warm spot and jumped up on the bed with them.  They seemed annoyed.  Oh, and get this -  as I lay snuggled beside Dad in bed, Mom drops to the floor and curls up in 'Gracie's bed'.  I'm thinking she was trying that dog-psychology-bit on me but I was not …

Mondays Mug: I Love Lucy

Mondays Mug: I Love Lucy

Who doesn't love Lucy?  Here we are in sunny Florida once again; Universal Studiosthe year, 2007

First an awesome stay in a romantic hotel at St. Augustine Beach.These little guys showed up for breakfast outside of our oceanfront room.  

We visited the Titanic.  (Before it hit the iceberg and sank, of course)

I got my ticket,  (everyone received a ticket with a name of one of the passengers from the Titanic) and luckily I was one who survived in the end.  Whew....

Next to the Titanic was an upside down house.  

 No autographs today please...

Here we found out how horror movies were made...

And it was pretty disgusting...

They demonstrated how animals were trained for TV and movies.