Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad are complaining.  A lot.  It seems neither one of them are getting the sleep they need.  So how's that my problem?

They say I'm dead weight in the middle of the bed and that I won't move for nothing.  

Mom tried to entice me to sleep in something called 'Gracie's bed' last night.  She even took her my favorite soft, warm electric blankie and arranged it ever-so-inviting on 'Gracie's bed' trying to lure me to stay there and sleep. 

 Mom crouched down on the floor beside me and rubbed my ears and belly till I was almost...  fast... asleep...zzz.  

But then she was gone.
Ha!  I was having no parts of it and as soon as Mom got back up into our bed I pulled myself from my warm spot and jumped up on the bed with them.  They seemed annoyed.  Oh, and get this -  as I lay snuggled beside Dad in bed, Mom drops to the floor and curls up in 'Gracie's bed'.  I'm thinking she was trying that dog-psychology-bit on me but I was not about to fall for her plan...  I just rolled my eyes, stretched out and sighed.  Hey, if she wants to sleep in Gracie's bed... then good for her...  I planned on getting a good nights sleep right where I belong and that I did. 



  1. haha..Gracie, you're really really cute and funny!! i would never allow coogie and denna sleep on my bed. =P


  2. With 3 doggies in the bed, we gave up on that line of thinking LONG ago!

  3. O.K. let me get this straight. Gracie slept in your bed and you slept in hers? Now there is a picture I would love to see!!!

  4. Jill still tries to get in bed with us, but she's just too big and too much off a bed hog, she finally sleeps elsewhere! Jack has started sleeping in the recliner - unless DH is home. I could handle one in the bed, but not two anymore.

  5. Bed middles are for is laying on your feet.....curling up behind your knees and zipping under the covers when it's cold......
    It's a dogs life....!!


  6. Oh Gracie! You are a bed hog!!!!! But you sure are adorable.

  7. you go girl, Koda says!! He is a bed hog for sure and we often find ourselves with legs out of the best since he pushes up against us and takes our space, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)


  8. I understand! Sometimes even 10lbs of Yorkie Billy get in my way in the bed!!!! Sorry Gracie!

  9. She's adorable. She'd own me as well! :)

  10. Very cute dog. I can't imagine not wanting anything that cute in bed with you!

  11. All dogs love their own bed. So from the first day on they have to have their very own. if you don't provide one they will find one. Gracie found one, yours and now it is hers and she shares it with you!!! Isn't that sweet of her??
    You can get her to sleep in the bed you provide, but it is HARD!!!!!!!!!!!
    My birthday is tomorrow, try to catch that post if you can.
    xxoo,Bambi & Fern

  12. Time to let Gracie know who's boss! It's hard at first but life will be so much more restful. Sophie sleeps on her bed beside the bed....she also has her own down comforter (our old one). We taught her this when she was a pup.....but it's never too late.....just more difficult for Gracie to learn now.

  13. We have a fat cat who's a bed hog and the worst part of it is if she stretches lengthwise and wants more room, my husband gives her more of the bed and pushes me to the edge!!! That is sooooo wrong. We did have a time years ago when the chocolate lab slept with us - - - - but that ended very abruptly!

  14. Too funny! Our kitties gave up sleeping with us a long time ago. We aren't still enough for them.


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