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Women and Work. Job #1

I think many women do enjoy working outside of the home... but not me.  Give me Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, a box Godiva chocolates, and a vacuum cleaner... and I'll be in seventh heaven while keeping my abode fresh and clean.  Being a housewife was not my lot in life, though. 
 So much for the American dream.
Directly out of high school I spent a few days in Ocean City Md. with some friends, where I got the worse case of sun poisoning I'd ever witnessed.  I'd never been to the beach before and felt so small standing beside the mystical body of larger-than-life raging ocean waves.  
Day #1 I laid on my back.  
Day #2 I laid on my stomach.  
Day #3 I visited the Emergency Medical Office for sunburn treatment.  
My front and back were beet red.  A white line showed undamaged skin all the way up the sides of my legs and into my arms.  I was a geek so as it was... this did not help my image.  A week later, at home, my dad looked at me one day kind of weird... "Why are yo…