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A Tip For You!

We stay at a lot of hotels.

Sometimes business, sometimes pleasure.

A while back, it occurred to me that maybe we should be leaving a tip for housekeeping.  Then I started urging Gary when our stay was over to leave something.  He opposed, reminding me that our rooms were way over priced to begin with.  So I had to over-ride his firm no tip policy and leave one myself, often double checking before the door closed behind us to make sure he hadn't confiscated the money in the 'best interest of our best interest'.  Oh Gary!

Sometimes we have to teach our husbands what is the right thing.

Before too long, Gary was telling me to put my money back in my purse, and he was leaving the tip.  My hero!

When my daughter Lindsey began working for the Comfort Inn here in town, I grew even more sensitive to the importance of tipping housekeeping.

....which brings me to my story

Today we returned from a 2 day stay in NJ where we saw JERRY SEINFELD at the Borgata Events Center in Atlant…