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Terror by Telemarketing Part Two

I got an emergency call this morning.  My Microsoft key had expired and some pretty horrible stuff was about to happen to my computer if I did not follow instruction on how to save my computer. Seriously?  
Then there's the one where the IRS calls and says I am in trouble with them for not paying my taxes.
Another is a computerized voice asking:  "Is Harry there?"   This one is a guaranteed call at least one a week.
"You and a guest have won an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas!"
"Yes, I need to speak to the business owner."
"I am the business owner."
"We can save you 40% on your electric bill/ phone bill/ trash bill, etc..."
"Not interested"
"Oh, so you don't want to save money?"
"You have been picked!!  We have chosen to install a complete security system in your home..."
"Is John there?"
"I'm sorry you have the wr…