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No Poison, Please

Dear Diary,
Now that the emergency is over, I feel I can talk about this without getting too embarrassed.  For the past few months I've been showing signs of bugs fleas.  Oh, it wasn't all that bad.. really.  But Ms. no dog that has bugs crawling over it's sleeping in my bed Mom insists I get a check morning, noon, and night to make sure I'm flea-less.  One flea can send her into an hour long search for more.  She comes at me with a flashlight protruding from her forehead and a cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid soaked q-tips.   'Let me see your belly, Gracie,' she says.  I stop, drop, and roll and let her have her way with me.  Otherwise, it's ugly.

She's passionate about this mission of hers to keep me flea free without what she calls 'poison'.  
Up until last year, she would put something called Frontline  on my back and it would burn like fire. (just my interpretation)  I'd try to rub it off, but it was in a place that I just couldn't get t…