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Enjoy your new Puppy... Idiot!

Gracie's regressed bad habit of pooping on the floor has brought back a not-so-pleasant memory of our first year with our new pup.  
Just thought I'd share a little from the book:

     We put up barricades to protect the white carpet from Gracie who was nervously peeing and pooping in fifteen-minute intervals on the shiny kitchen floor.  An end table, a living room chair and a bookcase kept her from real trouble. 

 After observing her bathroom habits, I took her out for potty minutes before her next spill was due, but she was too interested in smelling the ground and bouncing around being cute to do her business where she was supposed to do it.  After I brought her back inside, she squatted and let loose. 

     “I think she needs smaller confines,” I said.  So we sectioned off a part of the kitchen calling it Gracie’s corner.  A long kitchen bench flipped onto its side, a big box of stuff, and a five-gallon jug of water separated her and her cage from the rest of the kitchen.  “Th…