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A Very Golden New Year

Happy 2012 Everyone!  How did you celebrate?

We decided to treat ourselves to a night of fine dining, dancing, and beautiful views @ Rocky Gap Resort.

But midnight is way too late for this old geezer to be up...  Do I look tired?  LOL

Morning breakfast overlooking the lake...  then back  to Gracie who celebrated at home alone just 10 minutes from where we stayed.

Dear Diary, Just got back from Miss Mindy's...  wowsie!  What a party.   Now I have to act sad... cause I know mom and dad will be home soon and they think I've been here all night sulking.  

Let's see if I can put on my sad face.  

There.  I think that'll do it.  Then it'll be 'let's pamper Gracie day' because they left me alone all night.  

Or at least they think they did...  BOL!  Gracie.

Dear Diary,  
It's me again.   My plan did not work.  Instead of feeling sorry for me...  they left me again.  This is mom's poor excuse for not taking me along:   'oh, i'm sorry gracie... but you don&…