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Where We Live

I don't think this Peeping Tom was actually looking in our window to see us.  Our windows are tinted and we can see out but if someone looks in it would be like looking into a mirror.  Often birds will fly into the window thinking it's not a window.  
 So I guess this guy was looking at himself.  
Yesterday we decided to do something a little different. About ten minutes from where we live is a historical site called canal place.  The draw for me is the towpath there.

There, we can walk the dog and we can  enjoy nature.

Gracie was not impressed at all with this replica  of the canal boat ~ THE CUMBERLAND.

But she did find the residents of Canal Place  quite interesting..

And just because she owns me, she thinks she owns everyone and everything...

But Timmy Turtle was not impressed.

First he yawned... then he rolled his eyes...  then he retreated back into the place he calls home.

You'd think living so close that we'd come here more often.  It's beautiful.

But you know how it is.…