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I like my new MAN!

After over 100 years in business, Bethlehem Steel closed its home plant in Bethlehem Pa. in 1998.  They continued to operate in other states until they filed for bankruptcy in 2003.
  The well known steel company made the steel for many famous structures that still stand today including the Golden Gate Bridge and the Holland Tunnel (just to name a few)   Many war ships were built here as well, and used in WWII.

 Gary put in 29 years at the Bethlehem Steel missing his pension by 1 year.   

The plant is progressively becoming a huge tourist attraction that  includes a Casino, an Ice Skating rink, a museum, and various shops and restaurants.   

While in Bethlehem last weekend, we decided to check it out.

These flowers had the most heavenly scent!  Who knows what these are?  LOVE THEM!

Below is the old Brass Foundry where on January 21, 1974, a young Gary (19 years old), walked through the Foundry doors, excited for the beginning of his new trade; his new life of being an adult and worki…