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The Hiss and The Challenge

Summer is our tomboy.  She's sweet and sassy, loving and opinionated.  She loves chocolate more than anybody or anything.  Starting pre-k this year was not a problem for Summer.  She fit right in and made friends easily thanks to her outgoing personality.  

She has a boyfriend and he brings her flowers and he is crazy about her.  "The only thing..." he told his big brother..  "is that she hisses at me."  (Yep, I can see Summer doing that!)   His brother told him maybe he should find another girlfriend, but nope.. he said he's keeping her.

My guess,  it's the challenge.  If he only knew that a single Hershey bar would win her heart forever.

Dear Diary,

I know it's out there.  I know it! I know it! I know it!  It's why I whine and cry to go outside when all the rest of the house if fast asleep.  There's something.  Something in the dark of night.  Something alive.  Something mean.  Something ugly!  I want a piece of it!!!!  It needs to know wh…