Friday, May 15, 2020


So there we were.  At home.  It is not safe to be out in public, said the exports.  What to do, what to do.  I tried to generate some online love from the grands.

The older kids were absorbed in other things, I suppose.  I got nearly a grunt from them, but Summer on the other hand...   She was always there to remind me - she was still with me in heart, tho separated by space.

Gracie decided things weren't bad enough, so she took sick.  Very sick.  I wondered, is this her time?  I was extremely anxious and sad.  I was in robot-mode as I tried hard to bury any feelings I had and we visited multiple vet hospitals via curbside service, masks in place, social distancing practiced, and lots of cash spent to fix my girl, while feeling helpless and hopeless.

Life had changed dramatically overnight.  It would hurt for a long time and freedom as we knew it may never be again.  Fortunately and thankfully, Gracie, after many weeks of meds that seemed to make her even worse, showed signs of improvement.

Getting her outdoors proved to be the best medicine she could ever have.

God kept reminding me of His presence in the beauty that surrounded me.

"I am still here.  I have never left," He whispered.

I searched for signs of beauty amidst the chaos, uncertainty, bitter cold and spring snow-squalls.

 And wondered, what the significance was - for this creature to show up on our doorstep and refuse to leave.  I'm pretty sure I covered his presence in another post....

 I cannot say the stay-at-home days were (are) bad.  Quite the contrary.  Time is on my side.   I have time to read, write, clean house, watch television, and the best part:  Every single one of my favorite churches and pastors have been doing online services.  So much to do - and so much time to do it.


That thing we often long for.

Thank You God for the wonderful blessings of family near and far who have kept and are keeping in touch.

And for Your reminder,  God.

"I am still here."

My curbside business  leaves me wondering,  are we being ushered into a new normal?

Monday, May 4, 2020


Whatever shall I do with May?  How about a Recap of the Corona Chaos from the last couple of months?

Here I am today.  Fifty days In.
It all started about the middle of March.  Rumor had it, the Chinese were torturing killing  selling fresh meat at a wet market in Wuhan, China and a bat (WHAT?  THE CHINESE EAT BATS?  That explains the chicken meat that was questionable chicken meat at the last Chinese restaurant I went to) spewed out a virus onto a worker there.  Can't blame the poor thing.  It didn't want to be put into the boiling pot now, did it?

The above could be rumor.  As could be that the virus was developed in a lab for our pleasure demise.  Strictly opinion, as far as I know.  I don't believe the facts are out yet.  Who would do such a thing!

Media showed a bat cave with hundreds of the rodent-like creatures flitting around and being caught and captured by scientists and tortured researched for different virus's... at least that was my understanding of what I was seeing.

Going viral, was horrifying video's of Chinese cracking into - and enjoying turtles, chewing on live octopus, talk of eating dogs, and many other stomach-lurching dining habits.  Ick.

Ok, let's get past that.

Anyway, it was not rumor but fact...  a virus was sweeping across the globe and there would be a pandemic of epic proportion.

I have a dream journal that I visit every now and again, and I was taken aback by this post of November 19, 2019.


This concludes Episode 1 of Covid Recap.  Stay tuned

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Happy Birthday Post

What does being 65 mean to you?

Being an official senior citizen gives life a whole new meaning.  I can now speak my mind, and defend my obnoxious behavior easily.  I'm old. 


Wrong answer!  

Okay then.  Let me try again.  Older means *hopefully* being wiser. Having learned from my mistakes I can share my *wisdom* with others that are younger who have not been there and done that as I have. 


But who listens these days.

Enough of deep thought.  Let's get sentimental now.  Many years ago my mom gave me this card and I was delighted to run into it the other day as I was sifting through old photos.  She sure did love giving those $2 bills out! 

Let's go way back now.  To where innocence lived and complaints were minimal.  Because we had little, we had much!  See the outhouse in the background standing between my 2 sisters Rita and Angie?  We were thankful for that outhouse, until the day Mom ran into a snake inside.  An indoor bathroom magically appeared off our kitchen months later.  Thanks Dad.

Me (age 5), Rita and Angie

Memories are great.  But so is present time, even if it is spent social distancing.  My birthday this year was filled with love -  -   from a distance.

Some of that love came through FaceTime.

Oh, and one more memory before we go.  This showed up on my facebook page:  Awe.  Love my grandkids so much.

Sixty-Five came in quietly, was covered in joy, and ended with Gone With The Wind on the big screen in our living room, just the hubby, the dog, and me.

Just an old lady and her dog

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Next Stop, The Twilight Zone

How's the social distancing thing going for you?  We've had ups and downs.  Gracie was very sick for a while.  After the fourth stressful trip to a veterinarian, where proper procedures during the Covid 19 pandemic require pet parents to stay in their cars while vet techs happily appear (I think they were happy, hard to tell with those masks) with masks and gloves to take the sick inside to be examined, we finally claimed victory weeks later, as she seems to be feeling much better!  

I'm not so sure it was the meds as much as the TLC we gave her.

In what was probably the worst ear infections (both ears) she has ever had, she'd hold her head at a left tilt bouncing into walls and anything else that got in her way as she tried to navigate her way through life.

I would like to report that her hearing has returned to full capacity, but regretfully, it has not.  I do believe she hears *somewhat* better though.  Just a tad.  A wee-little itsy-bitsy better.  But that's not saying much.

What have you done to keep yourself entertained during these times of quarantine?  I've been watching winter turn into spring.

And I've been wondering why this creature showed up on our back patio one day and refused to be shooed away.

We sought our online facebook friends for answers.  What is it?  How can I get it to go away?  Etc. Etc. Etc.  there were many opinions and suggestions.  Some type of duck, we concluded.  In order to keep it from harms way (GRACIE) we swept Donald into a box and placed him under the pool deck, giving him fresh water and some bird seed (not knowing what ducks really eat).  The next morning we would call DNR in hopes that they would come and safely remove him and take him to a new home, one where he was more welcome and in less danger (GRACIE).

Next morning, Don's still alive and kicking...  but he made a mess of his box and spilled his water.  Good news and bad news followed.

So do you want the bad news first?

DNR was unavailable. Not in. Closed down.  COVID 19 wins again.


Now what?

A lightbulb went off in my head.  I'd call the office of our place of camping and see if they'd adopt him into their duck family by the pond there.  When I went out to check on him again, he had disappeared!  Good news - I think....

"Here, duckie, duckie, duckie...  " I called.  "Don, you out there?"

Not under the deck.  Not in his box.  Not in the yard.  Not behind the shed.   Our back yard is enclosed, an 8 ft. privacy fence separating us from the outside world.  Donald was nowhere to be found.  Where did he go, you ask?  This, a mystery.  Just another strange and unusual space of time in the 2020 series of The Twilight Zone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sharon Qualls ~ Author ~ Blogger ~ Friend

When I first started blogging ten years ago it was as if a whole new world had opened up for me.  I was able to connect with people who had like-interests and they were kind and caring and interesting and talented...  


You get the picture.  

Friendships grew from my early blogging days.  Friendships that I cherish to this day.  My thing about social media and especially blogging is this:  You get to know someone from the inside out, not the outside in.  You know their heart.  And that is most special! 

Well, let me tell you about one friend in particular that I grew to love.  Sharon Qualls was a feisty, opinionated, sassy, smart, talented lady who loved taking pictures of her pets, flowers, wildlife, nature...  anything she saw beauty in, that is what her blog would be about.  Her first blog was Life With Jack and Jill.  Jack and Jill were her dogs.  Later she started a couple of other blogs, discontinuing that one...  I believe the latest was Now You See Me (not sure about the title).  Anyway, she stopped blogging eventually, but her and I stayed connected on Facebook.  

We had a sort of bond in that she and I both enjoyed writing and reading.  I'll never forget the one day she asked me for my address and said "I'm going to send you something and don't dare send anything in return!"  

Let me tell you, if Sharon said DON'T...  then you better NOT!  


I had purchased several of her books in the past and really enjoyed reading them.  So when her newest ones came out, she gifted me with the complete series.  I was so very grateful!!

We chatted on the phone a couple of times (very long chats) and touched base back and forth on Facebook, but then... she disappeared.

I would send her messages, but with no response.  Finally, a couple of weeks ago I found her physical address online and sent her a Thinking of You card.  I heard back nothing.  Until last evening.

Her husband, Bobby, was kind enough to call me to let me know that yesterday she passed away.  I was shocked and filled with sorrow.  A talented writer and beautiful soul, gone too soon.

Sharon had suffered a stroke in August, according to Bobby or (DH) as she referred to him on her blog.  It had been down hill since.

I, for one, will miss her sweet, sassy self!!!  Bobby asked me to let blogger and facebook friends know she is gone.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cootie Catcher and Innocent Dog

Summer has moved up in karate.  She took an intro course to the next level and she passed, moving her on.  The kids were given a list of 'integrity tasks' they had to accomplish and those who checked all off on their lists were invited to a board-breaking special event at kick masters.  There, our petite little Summer did indeed break some boards.

She had her picture taken then, with Master Rando, and made him a special wall hanging with their picture on one of the board's that she broke, with a message of thanks from Summer, and presented it to him.  He loved it!

We had some real nice days last week and were able to enjoy walks with Gracie.

But then the cold came back.  I'm glad it's not so cold that our trees are not blooming.  They are looking lovely.

I hope everyone is staying well and virus free!!!  Have you ever seen anything like this before!?  Kinda scary.

Summer says,  No worries.  She was successful in creating a very well-made cootie catcher and I think it might work for viruses as well.  Fingers crossed.

Remember the rabbits from earlier this month and the baby bunny that our sweet, innocent dog threw from the nest?  Well, all bunnies from the nest died.  Sadly.  It wasn't Gracie tho,  we had her tied so she could not get to them.  I'm thinking it might have gotten too cold.

"I didn't do it!"

Friday, March 6, 2020


Day after day and night after night it's the same thing:

Let me out.  I gotta go, gotta go. It's urgent.   

Every. Ten. Minutes.

Why, Gracie?  Why?

True, she likes to dine on rabbit poop.  It is her hors d'oeuvre,  fill-in at meal time and dessert.  It's a late night snack and an early morning wake-up treat.  Her furry friends provide her with reason to live....  sadly...  in more ways than one.

This is just some of what I pulled from her rebellious little mouth while she protested being brought inside abruptly the other day:

Mama bunny stood confrontationally and eerily close by.   I did not get an actual photo, I was too quick to place baby back in her nest, but I found the below photo on the Internet.  This is what the baby looked like that was tossed from its nest into the yard during Gracie's bunny hunt:

This is what our naughty, defeated, bunny obsessed dog looks like being confined on a lead that stops her yards away from the bunny nest.

This.  Is no way to treat a dog.  ~ Gracie.

Note:  To my knowledge, there were no bunnies hurt in the above showdown.  When bunny nest is empty Gracie will have her freedom returned.

Happy 4th