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Clinton + Trump = Circus... and now My New Thoughts on It.....

So how many of you will be watching the presidential debate tomorrow night?    It's a circus, right?

My choice for Republican candidate was either Rubio or Cruz.  Unfortunately that was not meant to be.   In my opinion, Trump is a pig who is full of himself.   Don't get me wrong.  He will have my vote.  

Putting all propaganda aside,  Hilary stands for all that I am against.  She will likely be an extension of Obama.  Obama stood for everything I was against as well.  So Hilary is 100% out!  

And since Trump is the other candidate,  I see him as the better of the two evils.  Will he follow through on his promises?  Who knows.  They both lie.  

I have prayed for direction. 

And I am sure between now and the vote there will be lots more propaganda on both sides and a continuation of lies and lots of money spent to 'entertain' us by bashing the other candidate.  

There is a time and season for everything I suppose...

And if we vote our conscience and for what we believe …