Monday, September 24, 2012


Dear Diary,

Me, as a pup
I feel like a puppy again.  The days are cooler and I'm loving it. Mom says I'm much more active.  She says autumn has brought me back to life.

I love the fall smells and mom laughs when she hears me snorting. 

 I. Can't. Help. It.  

 Today is a special day.  It's my birthday.  And though I'm feeling like a puppy I'm really 8 years old today!!  

Seriously.  I don't look that old, right?

I'm not sure why there's such a big deal about birthdays around here.  But I'm not about to question these weird traditions.  All I know is..  Today I went to Dairy Queen and got ice cream AFTER I went to the tennis courts to RUN!! 

 "Gracie's Special Day", according to mom.

Dad wasn't happy because I drooled on his good shirt.

But I got my ice cream, and that's all that really matters.

After a short wait... of course...

And then the prize...  


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