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First of all, let me start with an update from a previous post:

Yes, I did finally dye my hair


Yea, I'm back on sugar too.  I have no willpower.  And speaking of willpower...  Gary Puckett comes to mind.  "Lady Willpower, it's now or never... la-la-la-la"

AND NOW>  Let me take you back to a time when Tiger Beat Magazine was the reason that I lived.  I had just reached a milestone in my life.  I was thirteen.   A teenager, finally.   A teenager with one thing to look forward to, and that was to see who was the centerfold of Tiger Beat for the month.  My walls and ceiling were covered with posters of Mark Lindsay,  Mickey Dolenz, Paul McCartney, Sajid Khan, Davy Jones, Bobby Sherman and more.  

Every night when I talked to God I pleaded, "Please God, let me marry Mark Lindsay someday"  Then I would kiss the glossy poster above my bed goodnight.   I could tell Mark loved me too....  The smile never left his face.  

My mom knew how much I loved him.  She wo…