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Interesting Stuff!

I got an interesting call (at my office) yesterday.  My caller ID read Chamber of Commerce and so I thought.. ok...  more people wanting money. 
 Ha!  Nope.  
You never know what unique call might come in at All About Hearing.  As you know, Anvil our giant resin Ape was featured on OFF Route 68 magazine for this quarter...  and he actually made the front page!  Our yard had a lot of visitors these past few months and Anvil even collected some change in that big hand of his.  
Well, this call was about the FIREBALL RUN.  Check it out.  
According to the lady I spoke with on the phone, our big ear out front will be included in the scavenger hunt/trivial pursuit road rally competition type of television show that airs somewhere in New England.  To better understand, this is what I found on the website:
FIREBALL RUN: 10th Anniversary Friday, September 23 - Saturday, October 1, 2016  
New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts  The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally is the story of…