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Taking Advantage of Seniors

Gary's uncle Victor will be eighty years old in March.  He's never been married, has no children, and lives alone in Florida.  
He's set in his ways. 
 Every evening at 6 PM he turns on the Sci-Fi channel.  At 8 PM he has ice cream.   He has emphysema and takes his medications and inhaler at the same time every day.  He goes to the OTB every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  He eats at Arby's every single Monday.   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday he eats at the Golden Coral.  Sunday he eats dinner at home.  He always carries $5,000 cash on him and gets angry if someone tells him he shouldn't.  
Gary was in Florida last week with him.  One of the reasons he went down was that Victor was sick and needed help in going to the doctor and getting some tests run.  Another reason is, Victor buys a new Buick (pays cash) every five years and he gives Gary his old one.  
Gary's father always looked after Vic, so after he (Gary's dad) died suddenly in '06 Gary ste…