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Sad Day

Today I watch the ice collect on the trees and slowly drip away and it will soon be no more.

The same is with our friends and family.  They can be here today and gone tomorrow.

It is with sadness today that I say goodbye to Martha, one of our sweetest and most faithful customers.  Martha was tough.  She was the kind of person you admire because of her work ethic and honesty and integrity.  She was 84, and still cut her own grass and cleaned her own house to perfection.  She was meticulous.  She was always on time.  She appreciated the least little gesture, and when we gave her a couple of zucchini's from our garden a couple of years ago she went on and on about how she cooked them, how wonderful they tasted, and how grateful she was that we had thought of her.   She had lost her husband years ago but still found a way to bring him into each conversation.  She's sent many a customer our way....  telling them they didn't want to go anywhere else but to All About Hearing.  D…