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An Embarrassment

Dear Diary,
Apparently I'm an embarrassment to you-know-who.   Lifting my leg to pee has become second nature to me and you-know-who says it's not lady-like.  I'm surprised that she's finding the time to take me for walks at all... what with all the painting she's supposed to be talking about doing and the book she's working on.   I've heard from a reliable source that she's found my old diary and it's being revealed inside the book for the sole purpose of bringing me to shame.  That's why I've decided to share this with you.  
Shhh...  she mustn't know. Gracie. 
Dear Diary,  I'm supposed to be painting, but I haven't even started.  I did get the paint bought... it's called Rainforest and I think it will look good in the living room, dining room and hall.  I'd love to slap that paint on and be done with it... but Gary refuses to let me paint till he gets the walls prepped.  He has not done this yet.  And so, no painting has …