Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Embarrassment

Dear Diary,

Apparently I'm an embarrassment to you-know-who.   Lifting my leg to pee has become second nature to me and you-know-who says it's not lady-like.  I'm surprised that she's finding the time to take me for walks at all... what with all the painting she's supposed to be talking about doing and the book she's working on.   I've heard from a reliable source that she's found my old diary and it's being revealed inside the book for the sole purpose of bringing me to shame.  That's why I've decided to share this with you.  

Shhh...  she mustn't know. Gracie. 

Dear Diary,  I'm supposed to be painting, but I haven't even started.  I did get the paint bought... it's called Rainforest and I think it will look good in the living room, dining room and hall.  I'd love to slap that paint on and be done with it... but Gary refuses to let me paint till he gets the walls prepped.  He has not done this yet.  And so, no painting has taken place.  Maybe spring.  
Gary just got a 50 inch TV for the efficiency apartment that is in back of our offices. We now call it the Consultants Lounge during the day and his Man Cave come evening and on weekends.  This is where I've been working on my book when we are not busy, and it is so relaxing.  
No baby yet... but patiently waiting.  
The other day when I was vacuuming the floor I thought I saw a spider and I screamed.  It kept jumping around, trying to get away...  but it turned out that it was only a piece of fuzz.  That's all for now.  bobbi.  



  1. Gracie when you have to go, you have to go. Technique doesn't matter. Don't feel embarrassed. SSH! I promise not to tell that you got the goods on your momma and told us what she's been up to. Very interesting tidbits of information, you've divulged. Rainforest conjures up images of a warm, inviting place. It'll be worth the wait, I'm sure. Meanwhile, that Consultant's Lounge sounds very comfy, cozy to relax in. A great spot for a writer to hone their craft. I wonder, maybe a Thanksgiving baby is on the horizon. Before flipping out over something crawling on the floor make sure it's not FUZZ. LOL Take care. It's nice to hear your internet voice again Bobbi.

  2. Well tell her at least you are not doing it in the house!!! Do you get to watch that big TV too?
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  3. Woof! Woof! Nothing to be embarrassed about ... my mom actually (sometimes) takes photo of me - I say that's embarrassing. Did you say a BOOK - that's great. My mom recently just published a book too, the main character is ME of course. Have a great Tuesday. Hope your mom's business/work is doing well. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Good Morning Bobbi!
    Ever think of prepping the walls yourself? It's not hard, really, unless the walls are really bad. I used to do all that stuff, if I had waited for DH to do it, I would have to wait till the cows, that we don't have, came home. It is a satisfying job.
    When is the baby actually due? OK, I forgot. Refresh my memory please. :-)
    Nothing like a quiet place, away from everything, to write!
    Have a great week and give Gracie a hug for me!

  5. Wee is on a bloggy breaky too for a few weeks but mee still checks in on mee furends sometimes. Hmmm...ladylike, huh? You should see my sissy, Bailey. Her stands on her's 2 front leggies to pee. Mee tinks her is afraid her will pee on herself. Very strange!

  6. Oh Gracie, you are looking SOOOO cute! The painting can't be rushed... perhaps unplug the TV and you'll get the walls prepped:) Have a blessed and productive day, HUGS!

  7. Smiles... it's so good to a "dose" of Gracie today! I've been missing y'all so much!

    And Gracie, we used to tease Jazz when he'd tee tee like a little girl in the morning....I won't tease you for lifting your leg, though... and I won't tell anybody, either!


  8. Dear Gracie and Gracie's Mom...I have to apologize for not stopping by more...I don't know why I keep missing your blog. I think you post on the days when I'm not able to read, and then when I catch up, I miss it...I'm so sorry...But I wanted to 'thank-you' for giving me a grin today thinking about Gracie (sorry Gracie that I'm grinning at your expense!) but I saw Todd do 'that thing' with his leg for the very first time yesterday...I wondered if he's reading your posts without me knowing?? ;-))

  9. Oh Gracie I think your Dad and my Dad have the same method toward painting. Mom says by the time he finally gets everything prepped she has forgotten the color of the paint. Wish Mom luck on her book.
    My Mom just finished making a very important Christmas present. She has been behind the sewing machine a lot lately rather than the puter.
    Hugs from your BFFF,

  10. Prepping the walls is SO important, it makes all the difference to how long the paint will last and how good it looks. Show us the color!

  11. WTG Gary...a man cave...hold on to it...Rainforest sounds like my Dad Ron's fave colour...so...go for it. Gracie lift your leg whenever you want...sounds like you find it comfortable. My predecessor Jessie a female always lifted her leg 'cos she learned it from her male cuz..lol!

  12. Sophie stole my comment!!!
    Occasionally she lifts her leg too, Gracie! Depends on her mood and who/what is looking, I guess!

  13. Dani, our little female Yorkie, lifts her leg too. I think it's to show the boys she's just as tough as they are.

  14. HI Gracie and Bobbi,
    Tom is the same way!! He has to prep the walls!!!!!!!!!!!
    That doesn't end up happening much!! So happy to see you had visited!!
    xx, Zoie & Fern

  15. Tee hee hee
    I lift my leg toooo, and the grass tickles my tummy
    tee hee hee
    you and me are 2 peas in a pod Gracie!

  16. I'm cracking up at this post! ;-Þ

  17. You know Gracie, I have never heard of a girl lifting her leg like this! I think you are talented!


  18. Read a blog today and thought of Gracie. In this blog the little dog will raise his leg and pee on the fake tree. So she must keep her trees up on little stools or suitcases etc. I'm so glad Gracie would never do that! :}


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