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Mondays Mug: She Loved Her Father So

Mondays Mug

This mug was given to Hubbyfrom his daughter Athena for Father's Day.Athena, at age ten would cry because her mom wouldn't let her spend more time with her dad.  
She then would cry when it was time for her to go home because she wanted to live with us.

This is the other side of the mug.
  She loved her father so...

But the X found a psychologist who works out of the basement of his home, does not have a PHD, and oh, the things this man was allowed to do to this child!!!

There are many good memories.  
At age 13, we saw her for the last time.  
She was bribed, hypnotized,
put on some very strong drugs, and brainwashed. 
I have all the court papers and emails
that prove all these things.
 She now believes her father
 abused her from age 3 to 13. 
 She hates him. 

What happens is, along with good memories,
false memories are planted
 and the past gets distorted. 
 Before her father was targeted, 
his father and son were targeted. 
 When that wasn't enough to 
remove him from her l…