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Dear Child

Dear child without a name,
I would like to introduce to you my granddaughters.  

They look beautiful in their new fairy princess dresses that I recently purchased for them.

I will admit, I spoil them just a bit.  Well, maybe more than a bit.  I have two grandsons that I spoil as well.  They tell me what they want, and just like magic... it appears.  The joys of being a grandmother.

But really.  Deep down inside I know I do not do them any favors by caving to their every whim.  Don't get me wrong...  they are good kids.  Very kind, considerate and appreciative.  
They do not know what it is like to do without.  Food.  Shelter.  Clothing.  Water.  And all the extras.  Their play room looks like an isle at Toys R Us.  
I'm a bit embarrassed to say the same for myself.  I have it all.  
We.  As a country.  Have it all.  Yet we are never satisfied.  Always wanting more, more, more.
Proof of that is something we call Black Friday which has now grown tentacles stretching out in…