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The Princess and the Pup

Update:  Holiday Inn Express did charge my credit card but they are giving me a 'raincheck' so they will take that amount off of our stay there when we finally do get to go to NJ.   That's fair.  
Tonight is Trick or Treat night aka Halloween. 

I have so many fond Halloween memories.  

And now...  new memories are being made.

When Trick or Treater's knock on my door I get a rush of excitement and run for the door with my big bowl of candy...

The kids around here are so polite.  They take one piece and always say "Thank you".  I tell them, "Grab a handful..."

And I always tell them they look awesome.  

I wish we would get more...

Because it's so much fun to see the excitement on their faces.  And it brings back so many wonderful memories of my own.

I miss my grandson Jake being here this year.  He's with his other grandparents in WV.  But I'll get to see him later this week.

Another Halloween night behind us....

With warm and fuzzy memories ~ sto…