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Getting Lost In A Book

SCENE1:Curtain opens.  Four girls sit before a fireplace.

JO:(Slamming the book closed.)Christmas won’t be Christmas withoutany presents!
AMY: I don’t think it’s fair for other girls to have pretty things, and weshall have nothing at all.
I swallowed hard and tried not to think about the thing that frightened me the most – beyond the dusty stage floor where I stood with my sixth grade counterparts- and into the stale school smell.  Though the small musty cafeteria turned auditorium was dark, I knew the audience was out there… and my line was next.  I hoped they couldn't hear my teeth chattering or the squeak in my voice.

BETH: We’ve got Father and Mother and each other.

I did it!  I made it through my first line without fainting and I actually remembered my lines. 

It was a triumphant year as I faced my stage fright  head-on, and following the grade school performance  the magic of Santa filled the auditorium as he handed out an orange and box of candy to each student.  It was important…