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Below is a picture of my daughter Lindsey when she was a little girl.  Lindsey loved her baby dolls...  but as with most little girls, she had her favorite.  

Maria sold for around $5 and I ordered her from the Family Weekly.  She was a girl doll.  There were boy dolls as well, and yes... you could tell the difference... if you know what I mean!
 Lindsey named her doll Maria because she loved the song from The Sound of Music, 'How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria'...  She  loved musicals!
One day Maria came missing.   She was nowhere to be found. After searching high and low, we finally concluded that a dingo the neighbors dog must have drug her off.  Try telling your three year old that her baby has been stolen by a wild animal and will never return!
So I did the only thing a mother in this situation could possibly do.  I lied...  just a little.
I told her Maria was misplaced, but we'd find her...  I promised!
Then I made one of the best investments that I've ever made.  I …