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I Love Nice People

Tis The Season*ring*ring*
Me: Hello, Miracle Ear this is Bobbi, How can I help you?
Lady:  Yea, is this tools?
Me:  No, I'm sorry.  This is the hearing aid center.
Lady: Well, I want tools.
Me: I'm sorry but...
Lady:  Well, give me the number for tools.
Hesitation.  I'm looking on my cluttered bulletin board to see if I can find the number....  
Me: O-k-a-y...  let me see here.... if I can...
Lady:  Oh forget it, thanks for NOT helping!!!   
So I found the number for tools and called her back.
Lady: Hello...
Me: Yes, this is Bobbi calling from Miracle Ear.
This is one of the many reasons I've had to pull out the second most important book I have...

When I came home from work, a gift from a friend....

I love nice people.