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Resisted The Temptation

 The following are pictures of this morning's soccer game starring grand-angel #2 Jake. 

A couple of the pics are repeats but...  you get the 'picture'.  Jake got knocked down by an opposing team member.  Later I told him ...  "Grammy had to resist the urge to run out there onto the field and wrap my arms around you with a grammy-hug to make sure you were okay.  I'll bet you're glad I resisted the temptation to do that..."  He smiled and shook his head.  He's so handsome.   Love that boy!

It was a great morning at the game... temps were tolerable and we got a nice place in the shade to settle in.  Had some fries, and soft pretzel with cheese.  Cheered Jake on.  Cheered the team on.  And then, our team won!!  2-0!!  Yay!
Then it was off to the music store to get Rissi's violin for Orchestra, which she starts on Monday.   She's just beginning, but Pop-pop told her she has to master the piece and learn and play 'The Devil Went Down To Georgi…