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Social Media

Lately I become lax in posting consistently on my blog.  It has become more work than pleasure.  I have been more active on Facebook and just check in now and again on my blog. 

Today I was reminded of how I need to be more faithful in my blogging and visiting with my blogger friends. 

Let me explain.

I love Social Media.  To name a few ~ I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, My Space (which has been abandoned a while back but still exists), email of course, YouTube, and Blogger (still my favorite... but time consuming). 

I have met people from around the world.  I have shared in their trials and triumphs.  I have laughed and cried while reading friend's posts.  I have learned a lot and maybe brought a smile or two to another through my own posts.  I consider many of my blogging 'regulars' my friends.  Some are often on my list of people to pray for and they, too, pray for me. 

When I read this post from a dear, beautiful blogging friend today.... first, my hea…