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It was before 6 AM when I felt something tickling my left hand, waking me from a sound sleep.  "Grammy...  are you ready to get up?"  I wasn't.  Gracie was.  I was outnumbered.  

I needed to vacuum the floors today.  It had been too long and dust bunnies were no longer hiding.  I like to sprinkle baking soda on my carpets, so my vacuum cleaner won't smell doggie.  So today I was extra generous and poured baking soda thick, not caring that it was giving the furniture a fine film.  I'd be dusting afterwards so it didn't matter.  Vacuuming is not my favorite thing to do.  It's bend here, twist there, move this chair, crawl under the bed, pull this out ...  blah blah blah.  I noticed the red Panasonic vacuum was accumulating some white dust on the outside of it.  Hmm...  it doesn't usually do that.  It must be really dusty in here - I thought.  When I was 3/4 of the way finished (and it takes me about an hour all together to do the whole house), I decided …