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Today on my lunch break I did some shopping.  I got 2 shower curtain liners, a shower curtain, 2 super soft furry blankets for Gracie (on clearance), and a blue duvet cover for our down comforter.  The one we have now is white and thanks to Gracie is doesn't look so white anymore.  
Any-hoo...  I had to wait in 'line' a good ten minutes even though I was the only one in line.  You see, there was a nice young lady at the check out who was returning a truck load of undergarments without receipts and then re-buying another truckload - in a number of different transactions.  Suspicious if you ask me, but hey...  who am I to judge?   I remained calm and patient though my arms were killing me from my armloads of merchandise. When she was finally finished I smiled nicely at her as she walked past me.  She put her nose in the air.  Note to self:  ik-snay on underwar-ay oday-ta.  
I hated paying $79.99 for a duvet set.  But I had waited for this to go on sale, and it just wasn't …