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I just had to break my blog break long enough to share my beautiful flowers...

Too bad we have to leave in the morning for the Jersey shore. (Gary's daughter Stacy gets married on the beach!)

I hope the flowers are still good when we get back Tuesday.

Last night I couldn't sleep!!  Gracie has been fidgety at night.  Down off the bed...  back up on the bed...  and so on.

Then she tries to jump back up and can't make it.  :-(  At one point she kind of fell and I was in a pretty deep sleep.  I woke myself up and jumped out of bed to pick her up and put her in the bed.

I hated taking her to the kennel tonight.  The house is empty without her.

Honestly.  When I think about ever losing her, I get really sad.

Oh, don't worry.  She's okay.  As feisty as ever!  It's just that I think about these things now and again.

I sent my completed manuscript today.  What a job getting everything together!!

Today was my own deadline and I was determined to get it out.  *breaths …