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I Don't Know What They Are

I have a confession to make.  
I know nothing about plants, trees or flowers.  I can't identify many and I certainly don't know how to take care of them.  
All I know is that they are pretty.  Does that make me shallow?
I hear you all talking shop out there about your plants and flowers and trees and I admire you so!
I know some...

I know a lilac bush when I see it and smell it.It's my favorite.

I know sunflowers, roses, tulips and hydrangeas.  

I'm not sure what these are.  We planted them a few years ago...  and they sure are pretty when they bloom.

  I love the different colors that the earth becomes this time of year.  Wildflowers are my 2nd favorite.  I love the variety.  

I even love the simple yellow dandelions.  Are they considered a weed?  If so...  I love the yellow weeds.

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring!