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the book.

As I make finishing touches on my book, I think to myself...  Wow!  Writing a book is hard work!!!

As I go over it again and again I find things I want to change and things that don't sound right ...  and this and that...

Blah. blah. blah.

I've worked for about 5 years on this and now I look at it and think, what?  is it boring?  is it stupid?  am i just so tired of reading the same thing over and over again that i am TIRED OF IT?


I am hoping to have it sent out by weeks end and then I can get on with life while the publisher does the rest.  Well, once it's set up I'll have to go over it yet again to look for mistakes and whatnot.

I'm hoping that it will be published the beginning of December.  We'll see.

All I know for sure is that right now it seems like such a drag and I am so tired of it and I just want to have time to blog and visit blogs and mingle and enjoy and so on and so forth.

Ok.  I'm out of here.  Back to work for me...

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