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I had the sweetest visitors a couple of days ago!

I hadn't seen Jasper since not long after his surgery in January.  He is the sweetest little guy!  I should have taken a picture of the back of his head...  he has the most adorable little curls!

He is doing great, too!  He can eat food now and doesn't have the problems he had before his surgery.

Jake was here too, but he would not be still long enough for me to get a picture...

Jasper let me hold him (reluctantly!) but he did look a little troubled by his crazy Grammy ;-)

His mommy sent me a video yesterday of Jasper taking his first couple of steps!!!!  I am thanking God for his amazing recovery!

I love my grandchildren...  they never fail to make me smile!!

Gracie, your turn.

Dear Mom,

I know your plan.  You are trying to make me an outside dog.   You said you put my cage on the patio just in case after you leave me out you get busy and then at least I would have a soft warm place to lay down.   Huh!  Yea, right.  This is …