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Perfect Summer Dayzzzzz

Summer's winding down....

                  Night swims, as perfect as they were....   are becoming a thing of the past....

 Our bedroom faces the pool and Gracie lays in the cool of the house watching us and sometimes       barking, telling us enough is enough, come in with your dog already!

It's been a fun year, with the added deck being just what was needed to make it as close to perfect as it could possibly be...

Gracie says: 
I will be here behind Dad's chair until I hear one of the magic words:  Walk.  Dairy Queen Ice Cream.  Buick. Play. Wally. Chickie Bird.  Go.  Lindsey.  Mailman.  UPS. FedEx.  Jackie. Walk. Doggie. Supper.  Treats.  Bunny.  ...  Did I say walk?