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My first New York City experience.  A quick, one day visit.  

How could so many people be in one place?

Taxi's, Uber's, buses, bicycles, and people on foot....  here and there and everywhere.

Buildings reaching high into the sky....

Advertisements and short tempers everywhere.  Honking horns and cars cutting off other cars.

Times Square was a happening place and familiar faces were always popping up.

 The Toys R Us in Times Square was the biggest toy store I have ever witnessed.

No time for shopping though, we were on a mission.
For my 60th birthday, a Broadway Show.

We had great seats and the show was awesome!

 Here is what I learned:

Never attempt to drive through Manhattan on your own.  Only trained professional drivers should tackle such a thing.  Do like us, park it in Brooklyn and hire an Uber... or even a taxi or do the subway or a bus or ride a bike or walk or fly but DON'T ATTEMPT TO DRIVE IT....

And NEVEREVER-EVER.... make your Garmin angry with you by disobey…