Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't Lick. Don't Scratch. Don't Bite.

Dear Diary,

Mom says our lives are at a standstill till I get better.  No walks. No playing ball or Chickie Bird.  No jumping....  well... you get the picture.  

Oh, she thinks it's just fine and dandy if I watch the house though.  Don't I deserve sick leave?

It's getting colorful outside of my window.

But I don't dare bark.  If I do it's, 'Gracie! Don't bark'

'Don't lick.  Don't scratch. Don't bite. Don't dig. Don't play.'  

And one would wonder why this dog's depressed?

Mom said I needed a bath months ago.  Now she says I need fumigated.  Gracie.


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