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The Bed Bugs Were Hiding

Tomorrow we leave for Annapolis.  I'll be staying one night with my sister, then going to a business meeting in Baltimore on Friday.  Friday night, a hotel.  A very nice hotel, I might add.
I have a confession to make.  I'm a freak when it comes to staying at hotels.  If I see one hair in the sink I'm ready to ring the desk and see about changing rooms.  And smell is everything.  If it smells disgusting, then it  is disgusting.  As for the bedspreads... they're folded down immediately since I figure they're not fresh and clean like the sheets.   I have many a hotel horror story.  I remember one where we had just settled in and the commode overflowed.  When I called room service they came up and sopped up the wet floor  with...  you guessed it...  GUEST TOWELS>  The very towels we dried our faces and hands with were being used to clean up bathroom waste.  Ick.  But even more troubling nowadays is the big pandemic of...   

I now scope out the ceilings, corners, unde…